Living place AJM, Calviá

Chalet gran lujo - Sol de Mallorca (Calvià)
Chalet gran lujo - Sol de Mallorca (Calvià)

Luxury accommodation, holiday

House with privileged location in a residential setting which offers total peace of mind for their owners, highlighting apart from their enclave, the situation beachfront maxim premium for their owners . This construction we carry out in two phases; the first was the complete construction of the residence, from excavation to the final conclusion. After the enjoyment of approximately five years, the owners decided to purchase the neighboring plot, along with housing located inside, thereby proceeded to demolish it, attachment of both plots and expansion with new units and pool. The result was a complete internal reform of housing of only five years, and a new work that joined from the former neighboring plot. Although the old house had construction materials and finishes extremely high and updated quality, underwent a complete change, especially in finishing materials today, after two years of completion has passed, almost only found in a small and very exclusive market.

All documentation for obtaining permits, contribution of various technical professionals, own materials and industrial work involved in both the first and second phase were provided and managed from start to finish by our construction.

Since the construction of the first housing, including during five years until the second reform period and today, we continue to manage the entire housing maintenance.

  • Date: 12.20.2014
  • Location: ES, Mallorca, Calviá
  • Value: 1,156,000.00 €
  • Category: Housing, Flughafen, Holiday
  • Job: Construction and Expansion