Living place APV, Calviá

Chalet gran lujo - Teules Verdes (Calvià)
Chalet gran lujo - Teules Verdes (Calvià)

Luxury accommodation, holiday

This is a house located in one of the most privileged enclaves of Calvia. Not one of our original buildings, although our construction carried out a major project of reform and expansion. For this, the original structure was reinforced in its entirety, along with the expansion led to the creation of new units, providing them with wide open spaces, where natural light plays an important role, while from all areas of importance house, fantastic views are appreciated, especially the sea. All materials used for construction and finishing materials are of superior quality.
A few years later, the property made the decision to downgrade a whole, the large garden side area. This was designed to get from anywhere in the garden of the house, the sea glimpsed in all its fullness. For this, there was a great earthwork, in which the base of the garden as well as 3 meters, were creating three footings (start, center, end) and embankments terrain, contribution was lowered land and large rocks (1 Tim. approx.), which were placed strategically by appropriate machinery. Once done the whole movement, we proceeded with gardening, including all of its irrigation and drainage system.
All documentation for obtaining permits, contribution of various technical professionals, own materials and industrial work involved in both the first and second phase were provided and managed from start to finish by our construction.
Today, after several years, we continue to carry the entire housing maintenance

  • Date: 12.20.2014
  • Location: ES, Mallorca, Calviá
  • Category: Housing, Flughafen, Holiday
  • Job: Reform/Enlargement, Maintenance