Living place LN, Son Servera

Vivienda unifamiliar calidad superior
Vivienda unifamiliar calidad superior

Family house premium quality

Housing private use, located in the northeastern part of the island. This house was built from the beginning of work by our construction and in full. Intermingling between their facades details, such as the smooth finish mortar, natural stone and quarried stone (exclusive “stone of Santanyí”). The different combination of these materials make housing peel off an air of the most comforting. On the back of the plot, a pool in which an overflow formed on the entire side of the pool, which makes the function of mirror surface wash water, always keeping it in perfect condition built. As in most of our homes, it is equipped with the best thermal and acoustic materials market, building materials and finishes, with superior quality, which results in great comfort for the inhabitants of the house.
The documentation for obtaining permits, and the various technical professionals, were in charge of the property. Execution in labor, materials of the same, and industrialists who intervened, were provided by the builder and managed jointly by the DF (project management) and our construction.

  • Date: 12.20.2014
  • Location: ES, Mallorca, Son Servera
  • Category: Housing, Family, Private Use
  • Job: Complete construction