Living place USG, Palma

Residencial Familiar y Turístico
Residencial Familiar y Turístico

Housing residence, Palma de Mallorca

The location of the house, located in an elevated area on the outskirts of Palma, offers magnificent views over the bay of Palma and the same city. Belonging housing and outbuildings to a farm of over 15 hectares, currently the owners of the intended use for tourist operations and different events. The original house was an old payesía for the cultivation and livestock, so at first, it was equipped with the amenities needed for several years of private enjoyment. After several years decided to destine to the tourism exploitation and different events for this housing suffered a great interior remodeling and great outside, and the creation of a landscaped area in which we include a pool, even a “chiringuito- bar “from which the various residents of the moment, constantly appease their thirst.
Much of the materials used for reform, both for different work units, and especially in finishes, recycling proceeded, still consist of the qualities that these materials are able to bring in their different uses.
Management to obtain permits, contribution of various technical professionals, materials of the work, (new and recycled) and industrial intervened, were provided and managed from start to finish by our construction.
Today, after several years, we continue to carry the full maintenance of housing and its various outbuildings.

  • Date: 12.20.2014
  • Location: ES, Palma de Mallorca
  • Category: Semi Residential, Touristic
  • Job: Interior and Exterior reform