History and Philosophy

Doll Diseño Construcción, is the name of an idea started to conceive many years ago. Since our inception in the world of construction in 1930, when mechanical resources were practically nil and all deal closed with a handshake, our maxim has always been the total satisfaction of our customers. This maxim is the result achieved by joining respect and good manners in dealing and work done. So, after years of experience, we continue to build side by side second and third generation for customers who trusted us and with each day we add to our group. A great union of friends in common, which makes us think and we understand that traveling on track.

What do we do

We all kind of works like residential developments, industrial estates and industrial buildings, blocks of multi-family housing and/or single-family standard, deluxe and luxury, terraced houses, semi-detached, hotels, rehabilitation of old buildings, while reform side, large or small they are. We perform full or partial reforms of any building, apartment, bathrooms, kitchens.
A emblematically, we are pleased to say that we are one of the few companies in Mallorca with experience in building windmills, water from the vein, through the mechanism, tower and its corresponding pond.

Services and Priorities

Organized and trained to provide a complete service to our customers. Since obtaining land, construction and finally the completion of the work, managing all documentation to carry out the project.


Building and housing


Restoration and Rehabilitation


Documentation, Licenses and Permits


Qualified engineers


3rd Generation


Complete your projects

Integral service

We have architects, decorators, etc.
We bring any industrial necessary in the work, providing our customers the peace of the best budget between industrial, coordinating their actions and ensuring the complete filling safety.