Eliminar pilar central

Removing a central pillar

15 April, 2016

I want to explain and show some photographs of one of the procedures carried out in late February in a reform that we did. The work consisted of removing a central pillar, so that when completed will be a completely open area.

To do this, first of all we had to do was the underpinning of the areas where the forged discharge their weight, or strutting the whole area of ​​the same pillar to remove both on the same floor and ground floor. Then mortar coatings that cover the pillars, two on the ground floor and two on the ground to be treated, coming to discover until you find the shoes in the case of ground floor, and even the ground floor slab covered. After removal of this part of mortars, concretes, etc., we proceeded to reinforce all the pillars that are affected by having to bear more weight and tension. two IPN of 26 are placed with the old wrought stop so that it will rest its weight on the IPN once there is no longer the pillar removed.

With all this, after much ingenuity and effort since the IPN they weigh a lot, we spend a few days when we were removing some props, so the forged will entering load, ie, that will be producing the settlement necessary. Finally, after the necessary verifications, all the props were removed, and ….., Eureka !!!!, the expected result.
I hope that is of any interest.
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